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4 reasons why you need to upgrade your Business IT devices today for better Business IT Support

Upgrade your Business IT

Your Business IT Support bills are increasing, your employees are complaining, your systems are slow and your customers are on hold ? Sounds like you have an IT problem.

 Every business needs to be proactive on its business operations’ needs and in order to avoid any hiccups, your IT Support should be on your critical list of items to address.

A perfect way to be proactive on major Business IT Support problems is to schedule an Business IT refresh for your business technology equipment every 3-5 years. You might think it is bad for your budget to spend the money, but we have list of reasons highlighting on why you should perform a Business IT refresh for your business.


1. Processing Speed




Your business computer has lots of applications installed and they all receive continuous updates for an optimal performance, more features and to support new operating systems. Also, your operating system receives major updates on a yearly basis to provide great new features to be used by new hardware and new technology out there.


After 3 years of operation, your PC hardware would not be able to handle your processor hungry applications as they require (or expect) faster processors to handle their updated versions, so you need to upgrade your business it. Also, your operating system would be considered to be “heavy” due to a more demanding list of application that can support the latest technologies, which is causing more load on your computer, so you would need proper Business IT Support.


As a result, you will have a gradually slower overall computer and your business IT operations would be highly affected by this problem.


2. Higher Productivity




As the business computer ages, the probability of application and system crashing would increase, which will disrupt any ongoing business process for an employee. The wait time for the system and application to recover is considered potentially lost business, as if a wrench was thrown at your wheel.


An employee with a new computer is considered to be far more productive by having a system that is more reliable, updated to support the latest technologies and versions of an application and allows for an employee to switch between applications at a much faster pace which helps in getting the job done in a more efficient way.


3. Employee Satisfaction




An ageing computer’s failure or slowness would not only impact productivity, it will have a major impact on the employee’s satisfaction as well. Once satisfaction decreases, the level of frustration increases and the employees would feel less valued at your business. Not to mention that this frustration would be communicated over a cup of coffee with a potential client.


By continuously providing proper Business IT Support and updated IT refresh equipment to an employee, they feel how much a business is investing in them as a staff and trust level in the business increases which would implicitly have an effect on how creative and positive the attitude of the employees will become as realize how valued they are and that the company wants them to give their best performance.


4. Lower Expenses


As computers and systems start to age or reach their end of life (3 – 5 years) in a regular business, the frequency of system failures increases and the software problems requiring assistance increase as well. The number of calls for Business IT support would increase in this situation for direct hardware repair, data recovery, software maintenance, system hardware upgrades along with other unexpected problems. The increase of those calls would directly be reflected into high expenses for Business IT support by engineers needed to professionally handle the situation.


A business computer upgrade your business it and repair proactively done in this situation would save a lot on the cost of extending the life of an existing system and avoid the loss of any critical data.


There are many other factors as well that can be considered in the refresh of a business’ IT systems but we will keep it short in this article and have our engineers provide you with a long list at your request. Our team of professional engineers is ready to provide the best Business IT Support in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Feel free to reach out to our team at The Universal IT Services to address your questions and be your Business IT Support partner in success!

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