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How to Secure and Protect Your Website from The Nb1 Hackers

Protect Your Website

The internet has created simpler ways to drive hackers to a life of Cybercrime, which has increased exceedingly over the past several years.

Today, we pay our purchases and bills online, communicate and share information through social media apps, find locations and do some research using the internet. Thus, computer and electronic devices such as smartphones are entry points for hackers through phishing and other techniques.

Websites represent the official online existence of a business, and just like any social media account, websites also get hacked, whether you have created your website on WordPress or Squarespace or even built an HTML from scratch. 

Consequences of hacking on the website

A hacked website can affect the growth and performance of your business through stolen client private data, infection of visitor devices with malware, as well as the loss of website visitors and online transactions.

The goal of this article is to help you learn more about website security and how to protect your website from viruses and hackers.

Our Orange Country managed IT services experts explained some techniques to safeguard and protect your data, the best of them is to install a security plugin that runs on autopilot. 

Before taking any action, we recommend that you follow all the below security measures described in this article.

Website Security 101: 9 Simple Ways to Protect Your Site Against Hackers

5 Major Key Points to Protect Your Website

We face website issues on a daily basis, and we have concluded different preventable methods when they occur. Following are five tips that would be beneficial to you when securing your website.

1-Install security plugins

If you built your website with a content management system (CMS), you can enhance your website with security plugins that actively prevent website hacking attempts. Each of the main CMS options have security plugins available, many of them for free.

Hackers profit from security problems in plugins, copy existing ones, or even create totally new add-ons just to put a harmful code on your website. Security Plugins stop all types of hacking attempts that could threaten your website.


2-Create strong and secure passwords

Be creative with your password, ensure you are using passwords with special characters and non-related to any personal or business information and different from your user name.

3-Update scripts and platforms

If you have built your website using WordPress, this option is available in the dashboard. Search for the update icon in the top left corner next to your site name and make the adjustments.


If you are a consumer you should be familiar with the green lock within the URL to secure website. If you have an online store, your website is very much visited by users who  hand out sensitive information such as credit card numbers, therefore, you must invest in an SSL certificate.

5-Make Admin Directories tough to spot

By going straight to the source and hacking into your admin directories, hackers can easily gain access to your website’s data. Many will ignore this fact, however, what nobody knows is that hackers can use scripts that scan all the directories on any web server for giveaway names such as “login”.

Be Safe!

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with website hackers on the internet.

Consequently, it is important to understand the necessity of having a functional and up-to-date website that is updated regularly.

Nobody wants their website information being stolen, so you better make sure you follow our proper website methods to protect your business.

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Protect Your Website from Hackers

Securing your site and learning how to protect against hackers is a big part of keeping your site healthy and safe in the long run! Don’t procrastinate taking these important steps. 

At The Universal It Services, we have created a set of custom mod security rules to aid in the protection of your website. If you’re looking for a new web hosting provider, you can click here to sign up for a great deal.

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