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How does an outsourced IT helpdesk services work?

If your company has an in-house IT department, your specialists may be wasting too much time fixing broken equipment. Password resets, changing Outlook addresses, not being able to read a Microsoft Word document, showing them how to access voicemail, and a variety of other issues keep in-house techs busy. Unfortunately, when your higher-level technicians are preoccupied with issues that an entry-level employee can resolve, they are not spending time on technology that will help your company develop. Additional IT personnel, on the other hand, is expensive because they require a pay as well as benefits. If this sounds like your situation, you could consider hiring an outsourced IT support.

How does an outsourced IT helpdesk services work?


An outsourced IT helpdesk services will first assess your company’s gear and software to determine which needs to be serviced. The helpdesk service and your IT department will then compile a list of commonly asked questions, which will be stored in a knowledge base system. Following that, the IT helpdesk services will create many layers of prioritizing based on the challenges your employees commonly face. The IT helpdesk service will contact your approved IT administrator if the situation requires onsite assistance. Finally, whether you assign the helpdesk an office extension or create a toll-free number, the IT helpdesk service will set up a phone number for your users to call.

Benefits of an outsourced IT helpdesk service

  • Lower-level concerns will be delegated: Your employees’ first point of contact will be the outsourced IT support service. Simple technical support responsibilities, such as basic troubleshooting, software setup, and navigating around office applications, will be handled by Level 1 and 2 technicians. If a problem necessitates a higher level of service and/or onsite assistance, it will be forwarded to your company’s IT department.
  • Operating IT services at a lower cost: You can have access to a whole crew of IT professionals for a fixed monthly fee if you use an IT helpdesk service. Benefits (Medical, vacation days, etc. ), overhead, equipment fees, training, and certifications will not be covered by your company. The IT helpdesk service would be responsible for this.
  • Increased productivity: Your staff won’t have to wait for your System Administrator, who is likely to be quite busy. They will be able to call a Help Desk Representative and have the issue immediately rectified, allowing them to return to their work.
  • New IT skill sets are available: Your IT helpdesk will almost certainly have served as the IT department for a number of businesses. These front-line technicians will already have the skills and flexibility to deal with a wide range of technical difficulties that arise among employees. Your IT helpdesk can become a valuable source of technical information for your staff.

If your company is interested in an outsourced IT helpdesk, SwiftTech Solutions can help. We have extensive experience as a Managed Service Provider for SMBs, enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. You can call us at 877-794-3811 or email

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