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Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training Makes Employees Your Best Defence.


Oversaturation of technology is a problem

It’s difficult to deny that technology has infiltrated practically every part of our lives, not just our professional lives, but also our personal lives, during the previous decade. Users may underestimate the significant consequences associated with this steady growth in technology utilization. The ordinary technology user is unable to keep up with cyber threats and the possible risk associated with their continual connection with technology.

As organizations get access to and maintain more sensitive data, bad actors have greater opportunities to obtain access to private and nonpublic information. Many small companies in Orange County have been hit by ransomware, malicious software that locks down computers until a ransom is paid, or a business email breach scam, which extorts money from the company in exchange for keeping potentially embarrassing information hidden.

Hackers are Targeting Your Small Businesses Whether You Think They are or Not

A wise old officer once taught me something. “You can’t choose whether or not you’ll be a victim of an assault; all you can do is attempt to be ready for when it happens.” Contrary to common assumption, your company, no matter how big or little, is a target. Smaller firms in Orange County are frequently targeted for cyber assaults rather than bigger organizations since they are often better secured and lack the resources and defense-in-depth security tactics of larger corporations. Employees of small enterprises sometimes lack broad understanding of contemporary cyber dangers and frauds.

Because they tend to know a great deal about their organizations, ranging from unfettered access to financial information, bank accounts, wire transfer systems, and even trade secrets, hackers and cybercriminals often prey on the least tech-savvy employees, which often include bookkeepers, administrative assistants, and various financial accounting personnel, because they typically work in high-pressure environments with few checks and balances, hackers and cybercriminals often prey on the least tech-savvy employees, which often include bookkeepers, administrative assistants, and

Did you know that human mistake is at blame for 95% of data breaches? Furthermore, more than a quarter of employees admit to using the same password for all apps.

A Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program is Easier to Implement Than You may Think


Small businesses’ biggest cybersecurity flaw is frequently a lack of security awareness training programs for their personnel. A well-trained employee becomes an advantage rather than a liability, lowering the likelihood of a firm being a victim of a cyber attack or fraud. Let’s face it, everything in a small business might seem difficult at times! It might be difficult to get staff to adopt new behaviors.

Improve Your Network Security -

Humans are competitive by nature, so using a cybersecurity awareness training program that leverages this competitive nature by establishing an Employee Secure Score (ESS) baseline and a company leader board that gamifies and leverages the competitive spirit in all of us and challenges employee knowledge of cyber threats can go a long way to changing a company’s security culture. These security awareness training systems encourage users to outperform their peers by allowing them to know where they stand on the business leader board in ongoing tasks such as:

  • In-depth video instruction and a baseline scoring test
  • Weekly video-based micro training sent via email
  • 4 question true-false exams based on the previous week’s instruction
  • Simulated PHIshing Emails that assist in identifying workers who are at risk
  • Individualized training for staff who might benefit from it
  • Monitoring for Breached Passwords on the Dark Web
What is the First Step in Security Awareness? — Reciprocity
Employees build better security habits and become more conscious of cybersecurity in their professional and personal life as a result of constant security awareness training, which leads to a more flexible user in an ever-changing technological world.

Employees in Orange county who are untrained and clueless might be a company’s biggest security risk, but with the right training, they can become an important component of your cybersecurity strategy.

a necessary component of your cybersecurity defenses Users who have been properly educated will not only be aware of how to avoid common security pitfalls but will also develop a security-focused mindset that will protect you from new cybersecurity risks and schemes as they emerge, with a response time faster than any virus definition database or Malware scan.

integrating them into your human firewall, turning them become a security asset rather than a security liability

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